• Tulip Tour
  • 1229 p.p.
  • 8 days ( incl. 7 x breakfast, 6 x lunch packet, 6 x 3-course dinner)
  • Traveldates 2023

    8/4 – 15/4 (fully booked)
    15/4 – 22/4 (fully booked)
    22/4 – 29/4 (fully booked)

  • Island Tour
  • 1229 p.p.
  • 8 days ( incl. 7 x breakfast, 6 x lunch packet, 6 x 3-course dinner)
  • Traveldates 2023

    29/4 – 6/5
    6/5 – 13/5 (fully booked)
    13/5 – 20/5 (fully booked)
    20/5 – 27/5 (fully booked)
    27/5 – 3/6
    3/6 – 10/6 (fully booked)
    10/6 – 17/6 (fully booked)
    17/6 – 24/6 (fully booked)
    24/6 – 1/7
    1/7 – 8/7
    8/7 – 15/7
    15/7 – 22/7
    22/7 – 29/7
    29/7 – 5/8
    5/8 – 12/8
    12/8 – 19/8
    19/8 – 26/8
    26/8 – 2/9
    2/9 – 9/9
    9/9 – 16/9
    16/9 – 23/9
    23/9 – 30/9
    30/9 – 7/10

  • IJsselmeer Tour
  • 1229 p.p
  • 8 days ( incl. 7 x breakfast, 6 x lunch packet, 6 x 3-course dinner)
  • Traveldates 2024

Sail and Bike

An active holiday with biking and sailing, this is an experience you can have on our 8 days Sail & Bike tours. In between cycling excursions, you cruise along with the ship, which travels to a new destination every day. You dine, sleep and eat breakfast on board. You’ll make a packed lunch every day, and you can usually choose between a longer or shorter bike ride. It’s also possible to spend a day on board if you like. There are rental bikes on board, but you can also bring your own if you mention it when booking.

actieve vakantie fietsen wapen fan fryslan

Tulip Tour

Enjoy Holland in the springtime in an unforgettable way, exploring enchanting Dutch landscapes by wheels and water during our Tulip Sail & Bike tour. Smell the tulips when cycling through the countryside, feel freedom in the breeze while sailing across the Wadden Sea and Lake IJsselmeer, and enjoy comfort and camaraderie on our beautiful sailing ship ‘t Wapen fan Fryslân.

During this fascinating Sail & Bike trip, you will discover the best tulip areas that the Netherlands has to offer. Not only will you visit the famous Keukenhof gardens, known for its hundreds of thousands of blooming tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, and other bulb flowers. You will also bike through less famous, but equally gorgeous areas where tulips bloom in the spring months. A visit to the Hortus Bulborum is also on the program, giving you the chance to ramble through this unique garden museum, dedicated to the preservation of rare and historic bulbs.

Given the Dutch love for cycling, the region is crisscrossed with many quiet cycle tracks that stretch from one end of the region to the other. You will be amazed by the beauty and expanse of the North Sea beaches, the extremely bicycle-friendly island of Texel, the splendid flat landscapes, small dreamlike farm villages, and romantic, picturesque harbor towns. And all of this completed with the occasional fields full of beautiful flowers.

Day to day program

Day 1: Amsterdam – Volendam

Day 2: Volendam – Hoorn (28 km) | Hoorn – Enkhuizen

Day 3: Enkhuizen – Oudeschild | Sailing day

Day 4: Wadden island Texel: bike round trip (43 km or 48 km) | Oudeschild – Den Helder 

Day 5: Den Helder – St. Maartensvlotbrug | St. Maartensvlotbrug – Alkmaar (33 km or 50 km)

Day 6: Alkmaar – Zaandam (47 km)

Day 7: Zaandam – Keukenhof – Amsterdam | Full day bus excursion

Day 8: Amsterdam

Tulip Tour

Island Tour

Sail and bike tours are something very special. Feel the freedom, the wind and salt on your skin! It’s a little bit like discovering the seas and new areas as a modern-day explorer.

Aboard on our comfortable sailing ship  Wapen fan Fryslân, you will experience pure nature while enjoying water, sun and a stiff breeze on the big inland lake IJsselmeer and the so-called “Wadden Sea”, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage biosphere reserve. During this Sail & Bike tour you can explore the beautiful and unique Frisian Sea and some of its islands.

Highlights of the tour are the North Sea islands of Texel and Terschelling and their beautiful natural areas, small villages and long sandy beaches that you can explore by bicycle. Highlights on the coasts of the mainland in the provinces of North-Holland and Friesland are a combination of rural areas, small villages and picturesque harbor towns: a true “El Dorado” for cyclists. If you like, on board, you may – instructed by the experienced crew – lend a hand during navigating and raising the sails. Sailing experience is not necessary. But of course you are also very welcome to just relax and enjoy the sailing and scenery.

Day to day program

Day 1: Enkhuizen

Day 2: Enkhuizen – Medemblik (24 or 37 km) | sailing Medemblik – Den Oever – Texel

Day 3: Texel, island bike round trip Oudeschild (43 or 49 km)

Day 4: Texel – Terschelling (sailing day)

Day 5: Island bike round trip Terschelling (cycling distance of your choice) | sailing Terschelling – Harlingen

Day 6: Harlingen – Franeker – Makkum (48 or 58 km)

Day 7: Makkum – Stavoren (32 or 49 km) | sailing to Enkhuizen

Day 8: Enkhuizen

Island Tour

IJsselmeer Tour

Sail & Bike along the coast of the IJsselmeer. Once a salty sea, now the largest sweetwater lake in all of Holland! Discover this unique part of the Netherlands aboard our magnificent and comfortably furnished sailing ship ’t Wapen fan Fryslân, and while riding excellent cycle paths and tracks. Sailing experience is not necessary. Just a desire to give it a go. Cycling can be done on your own or by joining a tour leader. Whatever you like best.

Up until 1932, the IJsselmeer was an inland sea called the Zuiderzee. Since the Middle Ages, the area played a major role in the economic development of the Netherlands, but was also often severely flooded. A 32 kilometer long dike, finished in 1932, put an end to the flooding and turned the salty sea into a sweetwater lake. Along its banks many picturesque, historical harbor and trading towns, centuries-old polders (fields of reclaimed land below sea level) and beautiful inland villages are still witness to a rich seafaring past. The Ijsselmeer’s now sweet water is home to a huge diversity of birds, plants and fish.

You will visit many of those historical towns and polders on both the western and eastern banks of the IJsselmeer. The tour also leads you through various Dutch national parks and gets you as far as the province of Overijssel. On the final day the ship sails back to Amsterdam, while you can relax on board. We do stop for a last short bike ride though: through the Oostvaardersplassen—a nature reserve known for its rewilding, meaning that the area is left alone to create its own natural balance of animal and plant life.

Day to day program

Day 1: Amsterdam – Volendam | testride (10 km)

Day 2: Volendam – Volendam (36 km or 49 km) | Volendam – Hoorn

Day 3: Hoorn – Enkhuizen (26 km or 44 km)

Day 4: Enkhuizen – Stavoren | bike round trip Stavoren (25 km or 37 km)

Day 5: Stavoren – Lemmer (33 km or 40 km)

Day 6: Lemmer – Urk |bike round trip Urk  (about 25 km)

Day 7: Urk – Lelystad | Lelystad – Blocq van Kuffeler (20 km or 28 km) | Blocq van Kuffeler – Amsterdam

Day 8: Amsterdam

IJsselmeer Tour