The Ship

‘t Wapen fan Fryslân is one of the most modern and luxurious traditional sailing ships from the Netherlands. It is rigged as a two-masted schooner and has the characteristic leeboards, which are typical for the Dutch flat-bottom sailing barges. The two-masted schooner ‘t Wapen fan Fryslân with its spacious deck offers enough space to enjoy the sun, wind and fresh sea air. The outside area is divided into three decks: the bridge deck, the terrace and the sun deck.

Bridge Deck

The bridge deck is a raised teak deck with a wonderful view over the sea and plenty of seating on sun chairs and benches. The main wheel of the ship is also located on this deck, and during the sailing trips you will find the captain at this position. Here you get information about the ship and sailing maneuvers with the opportunity to take the helm yourself.


Inviting teak deck with four sitting areas and tables, the most comfortable place on board. The terrace can also be covered and offers a protected place to enjoy the sea air in any weather.

Sun Deck

The spacious main deck is equipped with deck chairs, lounge cushions and a whirlpool in the middle for the ultimate relaxation.

The Bar

The bar is located in the large wheelhouse with a panoramic view over the sea. The bar is equipped with a double beer pump, a refrigerator, an ice cube machine and a glass dishwasher.There is also a TV with stereo system for pleasant background music. The bar has entrances on both sides of the wheelhouse and the big passage leading into the salon, creates an open atmosphere.

The Salon

In the salon you will find four large tables surrounded by upholstered benches and chairs, enough seating for 36 people. This is an excellent place to have breakfast, lunch or dining. Also available for you, a fully automatic coffee machine for the most delicious coffee drinks.The salon can also be used for seminars and meetings with a pre-installed projector and screen.

The Rooms

‘t Wapen fan Fryslân has 12 twin bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The beds are free-standing box spring beds that can be placed next to each other if desired. It is also possible to use a third bed per room, which increases the total overnight capacity to 36 people.

Each room is equipped with:
  • bathroom with shower, sink and toilet
  • 2 free-standing boxspring beds (movable)
  • 2 windows, one is openable
  • wardrobe
  • bedside table
  • mini-safe
  • hair dryer
  • toilet utensils
  • central heating
  • heated towel rail
  • 1 extra bed

The Galley

The galley is equipped with high quality kitchen appliances.

  • combisteamer
  • dishwasher
  • 2 refrigerators
  • 6 burner gas stove
  • large extractor hood
  • quick filter coffee machine
  • water kettle